About Us 

As craftsmen and environmentalists since the early eighties we became frustrated by the basic truth that it was not possible to enjoy the beauty and subtlety of authentic leaded lights whilst at the same time insulate historic buildings to the level required by the environmentally conscious. 

Drawing on over a quarter of a century of experience in the craft of stained glass and a profound knowledge of what is crucial to make a good window. We believe we have created a window that looks as beautiful and attractive as a traditional leaded light whilst offering the absolute best of insulating properties.

Combining the skills and knowledge acquired over many years leaded light making we have created a collection of products that perform the difficult task set of them. Nearly indistinguishable from a traditional leaded light, handmade using only glass, lead, steel and a craftsman’s skill, insulation to the highest standard BFRC 'A' energy rating. With any specification of glass our Insulead® frameless glazing system and Steelyte® opening casements delivers a no compromise solution.

Our Insulead® frameless double glazing system is fully drained and thermally broken and allows historic buildings to be double glazed without damaging the historic fabric of the building. Due to the inherently flexible nature of Touchstones glazing it is possible to construct virtually any shape and configuration of glazing required, therefore out of square and shaped windows can easily be accommodated including the intricacies of a rose window. Our Steelyte® opening casements are stainless steel, fully weather-stripped, thermally broken. They have the narrowest of sightlines an impressive 35mm overall.

Our glazing has been fitted in Grade II and II* listed buildings and on some projects has been approved by Historic England. As a company Touchstone has acheived the highest certification in manufacturing and was awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2013.

It is now possible to care for the environment, the delicate fabric of historic buildings and not least the comfort of the people who live and work in our heritage every day…


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