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Manufacturers of frameless double glazed units suitable for heritage buildings

With over 30 years’ experience in the traditional leaded light industry Touchstone's patented Insulead® glazing system and Steelyte® opening casements were designed specifically to overcome the problem of double glazing windows in a heritage building situation where no provision is made for glazing other than the original.

Our patented, frameless, high performance double glazed units fit directly into stone which along with our stainless steel opening casements offer a glazing solution for both heritage properties as well as new developments

No modification to the existing fabric of the building is required as the Insulead® glazing fits where the original was located, and is made by our skilled craftsmen using only traditional materials. Our Steelyte® opening casements incorporate a PVC edging in order to protect the stonework. Made of stainless steel throughout they have been designed to have the delicate look and have the benefits of a traditional metal window whilst offering the absolute best of insulating properties.


'A' Rating for Thermal Efficiency

Along with our BFRC accreditation Touchstone's Insulead®/Steelyte® glazing system complies with the new regulations for CE mark. Our Steelyte® and Insulead® glazing systems have received a BFRC 'A' Rating for thermal efficiency and as an ISO9001 accredited company we meet the highest of manufacturing standards.

Heritage properties and new developments

  • Directly glazed into the original stonework
  • ­BFRC 'A' Rating for thermal efficiency
  • Narrowest of sight-lines
  • An appearance virtually identical to the original
  • Stainless steel and effectively maintenance free
  • Extensive range of glazing options including the original
  • Shapes and out of square windows easily accommodated
  • Fully drained and thermally broken
  • Allows the building to breathe (in-line with the guidelines from Historic England)
  • All rebates can be easily accommodated
  • All but immune to rusting and corrosion
  • Retaining historic material wherever possible (in-line with the guidelines from Historic England)
  • Virtually identical to the original
  • Protecting the look and character of the building
  • No alteration to the fabric of the building is necessary (in-line with the guidelines from Historic England)


Other services we can offer alongside our sister company Design Glass:

  • Restoration of steel and cast windows
  • Restoration of leaded lights and stained glass
  • Thermal upgrading of existing windows


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